We offer biodegradable portion pots from three different materials: PLA, sugarcane and paper.
The environmentally friendly PLA portion pots are suitable for tastings everywhere. The bioplastic is starch-based and completely free from crude oil. It is biodegradable in compliance with EN 13432. These pots are perfect for companies who support sustainable lifestyle and like to keep their conscience clear.
Renewable & compostable sugarcane portion cups and lids are excellent alternatives to traditional petroleum-derived plastic portion cups. Sturdy and versatile, these little containers can handle both hot and cold items easily. Made from reclaimed and rapidly renewable sugarcane fibres. Renewable, compostable, and ASTM D6868 compliant.
The disposable paper portion cups can be used as dip cups, for instance for ketchup or mayonnaise. Thanks to their stable processing and wax coating, they do not easily soak through. But they are not suitable for hot liquids!