We’ve engineered our newest line of take-out food trays to combine environmental benefits with top-notch performance.

Our WorldView™ containers combine sugarcane bases with rPET or PLA lids for maximum strength and optimum presentation. Renewable & compostable PLA lids are perfect for cold foods, while the 100% recycled contents lids work equally well for hot or cold dishes.

The eco-friendly cardboard food trays are perfect for the presentation of finger food and fast food, for instance at food carts and food trucks. The biological coating protects the cardboard trays from soaking through, even when filling them with dishes that contain lots of sauce. Cardboard boats are a comfortable way to enjoy fast food that your customers will appreciate.

The decorative palm trays plates are an eye catcher and perfectly suitable for serving food at all kinds of events. The plates are pressed out of palm leaf so they are biodegradable and from a renewable source. Natural looking texture gives that something extra to your catering and tasting events with an environmentally friendly message.

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