Medical disposable face mask IIR (2000 pcs)


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Single use medical three-layer protective mask TYPE IIR

A three-layer medical protective mask covers the user’s nose and mouth and helps prevent the spread of viral particles. 3 layers of protective mask: 1. The outer blue layer effectively blocks visible particles. 2. The middle layer is a filter with a high bacterial protection. 3. The last layer absorbs breath, leaving the skin moisture-free. The protective mask with elastic loops and nasal clamp is suitable for any face shape and does not cause any pain to the ears after long-term wear. The BFE or the bacterial filtering efficiency is 98% (BFE ≥ 98% type IIR). Medical masks do not provide complete protection against viruses, but reduce the risk of infection.

Price of one mask 0,16€/pc

  • 100% glass fibre-free
  • anatomical shape, skin-friendly
  • three layers (outer and internal PE)
  • single use
  • 50 masks per pack
  • medical standard EN14683:2019, in addition to EN ISO 15223-1:2016 and EN 1041:2008+A1:2013
  • with earloops
  • The images are informative and the product may differ with the product in the picture

Instructions for use and additional information about the product can be found here: User Manual TYPE IIR

40 boxes in a box, 50 masks in a box.


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