PLA sushi tray & lid 150x230mm (600 pcs)


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Renewable & compostable premium sushi containers are as strong and durable as their traditional counterparts, but are made with renewable materials instead of traditional oil-based plastics. Great for foods where presentation and visibility are important. Engineered ribs and contours add strength. Made from PLA, a plant-based plastic. 100% renewable, BPI certified compostable and ASTM compliant. The bioplastic is starch-based and completely free from crude oil. It is biodegradable in compliance with EN 13432 . These pots are perfect for companies who support sustainable lifestyle and like to keep their conscience clear.

  • PLA sushi tray
  • PLA bioplastic
  • PLA is free from crude oil
  • PLA is starch-based
  • Great for displaying cold food
  • Complies with EN 13432
  • Biodegradable
  • Temperature range – 20 °C to 40 °C
  • For cold dishes and liquids

Lid included

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