Our products are made so that they would be part of the nature. All resources used to produce them are sustainable and have a minimal impact to our ecosystem.

Think Eco.
Choose Green.

Every single one of us has the power to change the world. It is simply a matter of effort to make the right choice. Our mission is to make that choice easier by having a variety of products for you to replace the ordinary plastics in people’s lives.

From Nature
To Nature

Innovative materials such as sugarcane, palm leaves and PLA make it possible for us to offer disposable dishes, cutlery and cups which will be composted and are biodegradable.


If there is anything you need, but cannot find from our store, be sure to let us know. We might still be able to make it happen!


We don't do this job for the money. We do it because we like our work and giving something back to the world.


One thing that our products aren’t is boring. We can make sure your guests feel like royalty even when eating from disposable plates. The variety of different styles is endless.


The endless selection of products covers everything from everyday catering to delis, cafes and wholesales.

Something for Everybody

Catering kids birthday party? We got it covered. A classy company garden party? No problem!

Do you want to change the world together?