Do you prefer sugar cane soup cups and food trays or cardboard instead? Combine biodegradable food bowls with rPET or PLA lids and take your food sales to the next level.
Round cardboard bowls are ideal for salad bowls, but can also be used for other dishes such as noodles and rice dishes. For hot food, we recommend choosing a suitably sized recycled plastic (rPET) lid. Biodegradable food bowls are a nature-friendly option for single use. 
Like all sugar cane dishes, they are unlaminated. Nevertheless, their surface is durable and cut-resistant. Food packaging is made from bagasse, a by-product of sugar production. Compressed fibers protect plates with their natural properties from moisture and fat infiltration. As a result, our raw materials do not require plantations – they already exist. The fibers are ground for further processing and made into a paste. They are then pressed into shape and the sugar cane plates are ready.