We have created the latest biodegradable food trays with lids that incorporate environmental friendliness and quality. The selection includes both white and more natural-looking brown unbleached bases. Biodegradable food trays are suitable for hot and cold foods and even for freezing. Sugar cane bases are cut-resistant and durable. The products are made from renewable resources (corn starch) and the trays are compostable according to ASTM and EN13432 standards. 
Our WorldView cane trays can be combined with rPET, PLA or cane lids for maximum durability and best service. Biodegradable PLA lids based on starch are suitable for cold foods. Recycled plastic rPET lids are also ideal for sealing hot foods. Recyclable and compostable sugar cane lids are ideal for hot and cold foods. The lids are not suitable for use in a microwave oven.