Paper security envelopes are ideal for protecting your products. Inside the lightweight envelopes are bubbles that protect your delicate products from shocks. The inner layer is also waterproof. It’s an easy, soft and secure choice for any warehouse. Brown paper security envelopes are an unbleached and environmentally friendly choice. The paper used in the envelopes is FSC certified. The FSC-labeled product comes from a responsibly managed forest that values the natural environment, communities and economic viability equally. 

The envelopes have an adhesive strip for convenient closing. If desired, we also offer the possibility of printing on one side with up to 30% of the printing area. Web-based inks are used for printing and the products are made in Finland. This ensures fast delivery and quality of the envelopes. For more complex printing solutions, we work with the Design Pack team, which specializes in the production of printed packaging. We will find the right option for you – together. If you have an idea, be sure to contact us. Together we will find a way to do it!